Taking your first steps into the wind industry can be both a daunting and exciting time. In this blog post, we are connecting with some of our technicians; Tyler, Jacee and Edward to learn more about their experiences joining the wind industry and more recently, joining GEV Wind Power.  Continue reading to see what valuable insights and advice they have for others looking to land their first wind turbine jobs as a technician.

How did you join the industry?

There isn’t one set way to enter the wind industry, however there are steps you can take to improve your chances of becoming a qualified technician and landing your first wind turbine jobs. Technical schools, college courses and apprenticeship can be a great way to establish yourself in the field. Take a look at what our technicians had to say about their initial experiences joining the industry:

‘I got a diploma in college which helped me progress and have an advantage over other candidates when sending cv’s. I then did my training courses to become a wind turbine technician. After completing my training GEV advertised an open day which I attended and it got me my start in the industry (Tyler)

‘I spoke to a family friend who worked in the wind industry and he guided me on what training and course I’d need to complete. I went to Advanced Blade Repair Services to complete all my GWO’s, Blade repair and IRATA training.’ (Jacee)

‘It was an easy transition, I started with a small company and learned a lot and took up positions to improve my skills’  (Edward)

Advice for others looking to join the wind industry?

“be patient and get your name to companies and employers.” (Tyler)

‘Try to learn as much as you can as you go.’ (Edward)

What is your favorite part of being a wind turbine technician?

‘The variety of work and getting my first opportunity is something I’m grateful for and being able to show my skills to hopefully continue on in the future.’ (Tyler)

‘The best part of the job is the people you meet, I’m currently working with an amazing group of lads/techs who’ve taught me a lot. Another good part is the places I’m going to be able to travel whilst working.’ (Jacee) 

How can I join GEV Wind Power?

Whether you are looking to join our on-site technicians or our back-office support, GEV Wind Power is always looking for new talent. Take a look at some of our previous blog posts to learn more about our tips for entering the wind industry and hear some more of our technician stories.

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