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GEV Wind Power, Powered by Innovation

GEV Wind Power, at the forefront of innovation, has transformed wind turbine blade inspection, leading the way in operations and reporting by digitising the field.

Through a technology enabled process, in field reporting is completed by our highly skilled technicians, allowing real-time QA and reporting, to be completed by our operational and central support office, driving the value chain for both our clients, and our organization.

Rigid and securely implemented data centre solutions provide fault tolerance on unrivalled scales, ensuring we deliver client reporting requirements on time – even in the event of technology disruption.

GEV Wind Power

Our business is genuinely driven by a desire to be pioneers in our industry, creating additional capacity and leading the way with innovative solutions. With offices, projects, and employees across several time zones around the world, our state of the art digital systems allow us to seamlessly align operations in real time.

Collabaro Reporting

GEV Wind Power has transformed turbine blade inspection, reporting and management information with the launch of its bespoke cloud-based app.

Collabaro is installed and configured on a technicians iPad, allowing real-time reporting to be collected, documenting a turbine blade inspection and maintenance activity. This significantly improves the efficiency of maintenance reporting and facilitates timely project management. Overall, Collabaro offers considerable cost benefits to suppliers and clients alike.

The technology stack and functionality within Collabaro, allows for offline activity to be recorded onsite, with data synchronization occurring when an internet connection is established. It truly is a process supporting system, even in some of the remotest locations across the globe.

Collabaro has been developed to minimise errors and streamline the cumbersome process of manually collating paper-based reports and time sheets during turbine blade inspection. Whilst providing a simple front-end interface for technicians its web-based back end has been developed to provide project management options and KPI monitoring. By analysing the project data, we are able to identify where inefficiency in our operation lie and return significant saving to our clients.

We have implemented internal capability assessments, and deliver an in-house Collabaro accredited programme, ensuring our technician effectiveness in the field is to a high standard, reducing the possibility of human error.

To learn more about the GEV Collabaro app please contact info@gevwindpower.com.

GEV Wind Power

Innovation – Real Time Reporting with Collabaro

Watch the video to see how GEV wind turbine technicians use the innovative technology of Collabaro when at work.

GEV Wind Power

Innovation drives our business and is the key to our continual growth and success. The demand to drive down the cost of blade maintenance remains a priority for the whole supply chain. This is why innovation is the cornerstone of what we do, emphasising the importance of evolution in response to clients requests for new solutions.

Patented Ventura Habitat

GEV Wind Power has developed and patented a revolutionary system. The system completes field blade repairs by combining a blade access platform with an in-house habitat structure.

The new technology is set to revolutionise blade repairs, enabling a faster return to the service of turbines. This contributes hugely to a lower levelized cost of energy. The Ventura Habitat creates a controllable environment, in which the technicians can create the correct temperature and humidity. The system is crucial for undertaking epoxy repairs on wind turbine blades. With the use of lighting and environmental control, the working day and ultimately the working season can be extended.

The inflatable building provides a robust shelter from the elements, with a series of sleeves and seals, it provides protection from the rain. Having achieved IPX5 certification, the seal can fit anywhere on the blade allowing the Ventura Habitat to be fitted wherever it is needed.

The Ventura Habitat is available exclusively with the GEV Wind Power service provision, the Ventura Habitat will extend the working day and maintenance season to lower O&M costs. It increases the productivity of individual wind turbines providing a boost for both OEMs delivering a warranty regime and owner operators wishing to maximise their ROI.

Patented Ground Based Habitat

We adapted our patented Ventura Blade Habitat for the ground environment so that ‘dockside’ repairs can be carried out in all weathers. Like our award-winning platform-based habitat, the new product enables the immediate environment around the blade to be optimised in temperature and humidity, to facilitate the repair activity. This then saves hundreds of lost maintenance hours.

We are now of course making our ground-based Habitat available to all of our clients. To learn more about the GEV Habitat systems please contact our business development team: info@gevwindpower.com.

GEV Wind Power

Innovation – Ventura Habitat revolutionises blade repairs

Watch the video to see how GEV wind turbine technicians use the innovative Ventura Habitat to repair wind turbine blades.


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