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Lightning Protection Systems

LPS Solutions & Services

Lightning Protection Systems are a necessity for protecting a wind turbine and wind turbine blades.

During thunderstorms, wind turbines are often struck by lightning, resulting in significant damage. Blades have been known to explode, whilst the key mechanical components have been destroyed and rendered ineffective.

Lightning Protection Systems are installed to safeguard your wind turbines in the event that they are struck by lightning, as the LPS technology discharges electrical current, allowing the current to pass through a receptor to the earth, through the utilization of Surge Protection Measures (SPM’s).

LPS Installation Methods

GEV Wind Power have historically installed LPS technology across the globe, and have a significant successful portfolio of work in the US, following the organizations diversification into the North American market in 2016.

Our in-field experts have developed their skills throughout their significant wind industry experience, and GEV have an active pool of LPS installation engineers who are able to deliver effective LPS solutions, as defined by client scopes.

LPS Inspection & Testing

GEV Wind Power are able to deliver inspection & testing services, which ensures OEM’s LPS solutions are effective in providing their required protection against lightning strikes. We have a significant client base who have seen their return on investment (ROI), following the successful delivery of proactive inspection and testing processes.

LPS Repair

We have a wide array of repair services in relation to LPS, inclusive of LPS component, cabling, and receptor troubleshooting & fault finding, through our industry leading expertise.

GEV effectively diagnose components of failure, whilst also having the in-field expertise to execute a full repair upon diagnosis, regardless of category of damage.

Service Portfolio

Blade Inspection

We offer a range of inspection and access options to determine the optimal solution for your blade requirements.

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Leading Edge Protection

Leading Edge Protection greatly improves the lifespan of a wind turbine blade increasing the AEP of the wind turbine.

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Blade Maintenance

Our blade maintenance solutions are integral to ensuring the health and longevity of your turbine.

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Lightning Protection

Lightning Protection Systems are installed to safeguard your wind turbines in the event that they are struck by lightning.

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Turbine Blade Repairs

Our expert technical teams are ready to be deployed from our key-office locations around the world.

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Turbine Commissioning

Commissioning services, safely securing and installing your wind turbine during its journey from the factory to wind farm.

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With a permanent presence in USA , Europe and Australia, GEV Wind Power has delivered unrivalled wind turbine maintenance throughout North America, Europe, and Asia underpinning our presence as a truly global wind turbine maintenance specialist.

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