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Forging Partnerships to Deliver Unrivalled Service Excellence Across the Supply Chain

GEV Wind Power has grown from providing blade maintenance services for a single European turbine OEM to delivering wind turbine maintenance, inspection, fabric and tower services to owner operators, utilities and all major turbine OEMs throughout the globe. We have over 10 years of experience and growth, correspondently evolving alongside the ever-advancing industry itself.

GEV’s growth has been further enhanced through establishing strong relationships with our partners, and evolution of the business through acquisitions and mergers with other industry leading providers. These partnerships allow us to provide service excellence across the supply chain.


Wind Power LAB

Wind Power LAB (WPL) are a Danish company, operating from their headquarters located in Copenhagen, Denmark. WPL deliver automated products and services for the wind power industry, related to blade defect assessments and blade risk management. Their goal is to deliver the high quality, robust solutions for automated blade defect detection, repair recommendation and engineering advice.

GEV Wind Power
GEV Wind Power

Bilfinger Salamis

Bilfinger Salamis UK supports customers in the renewable industries in Northwest Europe.

Bilfinger has extensive experience in offshore and onshore assets, and their services cover all lifecycle phases from planning and design through to development and construction as well as commissioning, maintenance, modification, and decommissioning.



Established in 1987 and based in Hull, East Yorkshire, UK, HOTA provide an extensive portfolio of internationally approved certified training courses within the renewable, offshore, onshore, and maritime sectors.

GEV Wind Power in partnership with HOTA, unveiled a blade specific Training Academy in 2021. This partnership has seen GEV Wind Power offer training courses to our in-field talent, enhancing in-field quality and craftsmanship across GEV’s service offering.

GEV Wind Power
GEV Wind Power

Power Curve

Power Curve is an independent service provider to the global wind industry. We design, manufacture and install power upgrades for wind turbine blades to help our clients make their wind projects more profitable.



Edge Solutions has developed its armourEDGE shield as a game-changing approach to the costly problem of leading-edge erosion on wind turbine blades. Its precision engineered shields bond securely to the leading edge of blades to provide a simple to install, aerodynamically optimal, full-life protection that minimises maintenance costs and maximises energy production and return on investment.

GEV Wind Power
GEV Wind Power


Ping has been deployed on over 600 wind turbines to detect damage earlier and help optimise the blade maintenance, thereby reducing costs for wind farm operators. The incredibly simple monitor is located at the base of the wind turbine with magnets, is self-powered and self-communicating, and with installation in less than 1 minute.

Ping is particularly suited for detecting new damage from lightning and a range of other damage types. Damage can be trended to see when it should be repaired. With flexible hardware as a service model, you can get monitoring quickly with an operating expense.


Weather Guard Lightning Tech

Weather Guard Lightning Tech has been the gold standard in lightning protection for wind and aerospace since 2006. Weather Guard’s proprietary StrikeTape lightning diverters improve existing blade lightning protection systems without altering the blade’s structure or aerodynamics. StrikeTape remains the world’s most effective, durable lightning protection.

GEV Wind Power

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Turnkey Solution

We offer an unprecedented breadth of wind turbine maintenance, services, and innovations to all major OEMs throughout the globe. A turnkey solution for your entire fleet.


We deliver unrivalled competence and technological expertise with our expanded office network and industry trained personnel ready to meet all your maintenance and repair requirements.

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We are always looking for talent and like-minded people to join our office and technician teams around the world. View our jobs board for the latest opportunities. We look forward to hearing from you.


With a permanent presence in USA and Europe, GEV Wind Power has delivered unrivalled wind turbine maintenance throughout North America, Europe, and Asia underpinning our presence as a truly global wind turbine maintenance specialist.

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