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Blade Inspection

Wind Turbine Blade Inspection

Utilising a variety of access techniques for blade inspection, GEV are able to provide a fast and effective service to complete the detailed analysis of all aspects of damage to the wind turbine blades.

If necessary, we are able to deploy an expert to complete a close visual inspection of the wind turbine blade to correctly classify levels of damage, using rope access techniques as the quickest method to save on lost production. The incorrect diagnosis of damage is a common issue and typically leads to unforeseen delays with the repair process and preventative campaigns exceeding budgets.

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GEV Partner with Wind Power LAB

We’re taking on tomorrow’s energy challenges, today. GEV & Wind Power LAB continue to push the boundaries of technology, innovation and imagination to create positive change for the renewable industry and our planet. Find out more about how Wind Power LAB utilize the latest technology to complete blade defect assessment proactively, rather than reactively.

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Types of Blade Inspection

Stages of Internal & External Blade Inspection

GEV’s approach to internal and external blade inspection, has seen us enhance our process to ensure accurate damage reporting can be compiled, and in turn reviewed in partnership with our clients, to review the structural integrity of their blades.

Our innovative approach to blade inspection, maintenance and repair, has seen GEV Wind Power forge partnerships with leading technology providers, further complementing our more traditional methods such as rope access inspections.

Our most recent partnership with Danish blade defect assessment provider; Wind Power LAB, has helped us define the process into 4 simple stages:

Data Collection

Internal Blade Inspection

Collecting accurately referenced video and imagery from the inside of your blades is the first step.


Data Processing

Blade images are uploaded to a secure platform for automated analysis.


Blade Condition Report

Precise and comprehensive blade defect assessment reports are then produced.


Support from WPL

WPL blade expert consultants evaluate the collected information.

Further information regarding the wind turbine blade inspection services offered by Wind Power LAB can be found here.

Traditional Blade Inspection

Traditional Blade Inspection Solutions

GEV are able to offer accurate blade inspections and review the structural integrity of the wind turbine blade inside and out. We provide a fast and efficient solution of high level technician competency in order to produce an accurate and thorough assessment report on the condition of the turbine blades. Our technical teams will then advise and support you on the best approach to any repairs needed.

Our highly specialised and experienced teams of IRATA and SPRAT certified rope access technicians are a fast and cost efficient solution for a range of wind turbine maintenance activities.

Complementing our rope technicians, we are able to utilise turbine blade access platforms supplemented by our patented Ventura Habitat to provide weatherproof all-year solutions, across the globe.


Innovative Ventura Habitat

Technology Enabled Blade Inspection

Technology Enabled Solutions

To expand our service offering within our inspection services, GEV Wind Power have strengthened our service offering through the utilization of technology enabled blade inspections to ensure the structural integrity of a wind turbine blade can be reported upon without the need for traditional rope access methods.

Not only do our partnered solutions cover external blade inspections, we also now offer drone-based technology solutions. This enables GEV and Wind Power LAB to complete internal blade inspections without human interaction, removing the requirement for sometimes unsafe confined space inspections.

Drone-Based Inspections

Through the utilization of drones, exploration of internal and external blade areas, evolves further than traditional human technician.

Covering all surfaces GEV and Wind Power LAB’s drone solution, makes it possible to see how a defect is developing between inspections.

Faster coverage, cheaper solution & better quality.


GEV Wind Power’s Panoblade ground based solution allows external blade inspections to be completed both onshore and offshore.

The technology supporting the Panoblade service offering, allows high-definition image capture, and through the use of ‘stitching’ technology, allows technical analysis and reporting to be processed before reviewing with our client.

GEV’s Panoblade solution alleviates the requirement for more traditional hands-on methods, whilst delivering blade defect assessment utilizing the highest of resolution images.

Service Portfolio

Blade Inspection

We offer a range of inspection and access options to determine the optimal solution for your blade requirements.

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Leading Edge Protection

Leading Edge Protection greatly improves the lifespan of a wind turbine blade increasing the AEP of the wind turbine.

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Blade Maintenance

Our blade maintenance solutions are integral to ensuring the health and longevity of your turbine.

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Lightning Protection

Lightning Protection Systems are installed to safeguard your wind turbines in the event that they are struck by lightning.

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Turbine Blade Repairs

Our expert technical teams are ready to be deployed from our key-office locations around the world.

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Turbine Commissioning

Commissioning services, safely securing and installing your wind turbine during its journey from the factory to wind farm.

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With a permanent presence in USA , Europe and Australia, GEV Wind Power has delivered unrivalled wind turbine maintenance throughout North America, Europe, and Asia underpinning our presence as a truly global wind turbine maintenance specialist.

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