GEV Wind Power launches new internal training opportunities, allowing technicians to conduct rope access procedures & technology applications utilising the Port Training Service’s Wind Turbine Training Facility based at the Port of Blyth, UK.

Establishing New Training Opportunities

As leaders in innovation, GEV Wind Power has been working hard to develop new opportunities that will enhance technician competence and offer the best possible readiness for technicians within GEV.

Earlier this year, GEV Wind Power’s UK division travelled to Port Training Services, the Port of Blyth’s training division to establish a new on-blade training package for 2024. The new initiative is intended to improve our preparations for safety rescue drills, combining it with enhancements to develop skills associated with LEP application.

About The Training Facility

The PTS wind turbine training facility is a unique asset consisting of a 33-meter-high turbine that can facilitate rope access blade repair/retrofit training on the blades. The training reflects the practices and techniques which are to be expected for upcoming 2024 projects.

This has been a significant ongoing development for GEV, as part of a wider global mission to further invest and up-skill our dedicated technician pool, while also building confidence for both technicians and clients on future projects.

‘The intention is for our technicians trained at the HOTA Academy in Hull, to then visit the turbine at Blyth to put their skills into practice in a real-world environment.’ Chris Sarel – GEV Managing Director (UK/EU)

The training expands on the existing training opportunities at HOTA which have seen major success across the UK & European division. GEV’s technical instructors will be on hand throughout the training to provide guidance, ensuring technicians receive the best support within the industry from established technical experts.

Wind Technicians Training on a decommissioned wind turbine

Tackling Challenges

One of the biggest challenges voiced by technicians wanting to join the industry has been gaining relevant turbine experience. We recognize the lack of realistic rope access training opportunities available in the UK, which are often unable to offer true-to-life experiences for technicians.

The state-of-the-art wind turbine training facility is designed specifically to simulate the real-life scenario technicians face when working on a project, providing a unique training experience where technicians can apply all previous qualifications and knowledge in a safe and secure environment.

One of the biggest benefits of the turbine is its ability to help to break down barriers for inexperienced technicians, in turn, reducing risk and promoting a safer working environment.

“It’s been fantastic to work with GEV on this project. To see an innovative company like GEV passionate about developing their workforce is great to see, taking a multi-regional approach from the facilities in Humberside to utilising our wind turbine training facility here in Blyth. Based at our Bates Clean Energy Terminal, the turbine is a unique asset not only for the North East, but for the UK as a whole, strengthening our current offer to the clean energy industry, and helping to train the workforce of the future.” Paul Parry, Business Manager – Energy & Industrial

Innovation – Reaching New Heights

The training aims to further support our dedicated pool of technicians within GEV Wind Power as we continue to invest in upskilling our technician community. The facility not only provides newly qualified technicians with a real-life scenario to put learned skills into practice, it also provides a safe and accessible space for qualified technicians to refresh skills.

In February, our UK division led its first trial run session with two technicians who participated in our previous training sessions at the GEV HOTA Academy, displaying both strong LEP skills and enthusiasm. The trial has been well received, with great success and positive feedback from both instructors and participants.

We are proud to share that the training was also highlighted at the 2024 SGRE Safety Awards, in which GEV Wind Power was awarded the ‘Innovation in Safety’ award for the newest initiative.

With a busy season ahead, we look forward to supporting wind farms worldwide and providing additional training resources to our dedicated technicians.

Stay tuned to learn more about what’s in the pipeline this year as we continue to work closely with all global divisions to develop training opportunities.