It’s Earth Day 2024, and we’re taking a closer look at how the wind sector is paving the way for a cleaner future. Renewable energy is playing an increasingly crucial role in the sustainability movement, providing accessible clean energy and reducing our dependency on finite resources and harmful fossil fuels.  

Record Wind Capacity Installed Globally 

Despite global economic challenges and disruptions across the renewable sector last year, the wind industry set a new record with an impressive 117 GW of new wind power capacity installed globally in 2023. According to the latest reports from the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), not only did last year outperform all previous records, but the accomplishment also represents a 50% increase year-over-year (YoY), signifying progress toward combating climate change. 

China led the way with the highest number of new wind power installations both onshore and offshore. This achievement was followed by the U.S., Brazil, and Germany, countries that also saw major growth in newly installed wind power. Collectively, these four countries accounted for 77% of new installations globally last year. 

The new installations provide promising insight into the growth potential for power generation in the near future, with more wind capacity established globally than ever before. 

The growth of Renewable Energy  

Renewable energy has become a much more viable means of power generation, available in abundance all around us, provided by the sun, wind, water, waste, and heat from the Earth. To help end our reliance on fossil fuels, countries are investing heavily in alternative sources of energy that are clean, accessible, affordable, sustainable, and reliable. 

Wind power and solar power dominated the renewable capacity expansion in 2023, jointly accounting for 97.6% of all net renewable additions in 2023. In particular, the wind industry saw its installed capacity increase by 13% according to new statistics from the International Renewable Energy Agency. 

Graphic taken from International Renewable Energy Agency – Renewable Capacity Highlights 2024 

Tackling the Climate Crisis 

The 2023 CO28 UN Climate Change Conference in Dubai was the biggest of its kind and one of the most substantial climate conferences held last year, with over 85,000 participants. In a demonstration of global solidarity, negotiators from almost 200 Parties came together with a collective decision to improve climate action before the end of the decade, with the overarching aim to keep the global temperature limit of 1.5°C within reach.  

It’s clear that the global energy transition will require the collective support of policy makers, investors, and relevant organizations in order to meet the ambitious goals.  

The wind industry must roughly triple its annual growth from 117 GW in 2023 to at least 320 GW by 2030 to meet the COP28 and 1.5°C degree pathway targets according to GEWC. 

Forecasts for the Future of Wind Energy 

Growth forecasts for the wind market have been revised for 2024-2030, with forecasts increased upwards by 10% in response to the establishment of national industrial policies in major economies, gathering momentum in offshore wind, and promising growth among emerging markets and developing economies.  

The record year for wind energy shows clear momentum, while highlighting the ongoing demand for more policy-driven action and collaboration across the market to ensure the growth can continue at an effective pace.  

GEV Taking Action 

GEV Wind Power has actively supported the development of the wind industry since 2010, making us a cornerstone in the struggle against the ongoing climate crisis. At GEV Wind Power, our goal is to keep wind turbines running as efficiently as possible, providing crucial repair and maintenance services to wind farms globally. As a result, we are able to drive down dependence on fossil fuels and increase the output from more sustainable energy options such as wind. 


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