The wind industry is growing at a significant pace which is creating a clear demand for more skilled technicians to join the workforce.

Partnerships and collaborative efforts across the UK are playing a crucial role in the growth of the wind industry, creating more accessible training opportunities for technicians to access the skills and experience required to thrive in the industry.

Find out how local partnerships are shaping the renewable industry and net-zero sector growth in the Humber and surrounding area as we celebrate the opportunities they bring both locally and globally.

The Wind Landscape

The UK currently boasts over 40 wind farms and around 2,200 turbines generating power in UK waters. The East Yorkshire and Humber region in particular is an essential component of the UK’s ongoing transition to green energy- home to six operational offshore wind farms, including one of the largest offshore wind farms globally and more wind capacity lined up in future development plans.

The ongoing pipeline of developments and installed wind capacity not only underscores the extent of the workforce needed but also emphasises the opportunities for local and national governments to use renewable energy expansion as a catalyst for job creation, training, and reskilling.

Growing Demands

Insights from the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) reveal promising career developments within the wind market, with increasing demand for new technicians over the next five years, suggesting a raft of exciting opportunities for new talent to enter from full-time education and to transition from other sectors.

Technicians play a crucial role in the maintenance, repair, and installation of wind turbines, ensuring their optimal performance and longevity. However, entering the field requires more than just a willingness to learn; it demands a specialised skill set and industry-specific qualifications.

The challenge

For aspiring technicians, the path into the wind sector can feel overwhelming.

Limited access to training programs, a lack of awareness about career opportunities, and the absence of hands-on experience can pose significant hurdles. In order to remain competitive in the field, technicians must keep up with the rapidly evolving nature of wind technology and innovations.

Fortunately, more companies and training providers are now paving the way for wind technicians, offering the guidance and resources needed to navigate the industry. Partnerships across the UK are establishing new opportunities to strengthen the onboarding of new talent and improve the industry standards for safety and quality across future projects.

Local partnerships – GEV and HOTA

GEV Wind Power is one of the global leading independent service providers for wind turbine maintenance and repair, with an established presence in the UK, Europe, North America, and Australia.

In 2021, GEV’s UK division, headquartered in Hull, established its first Training Academy, located within the HOTA training centre.

HOTA, a charity established in 1987, is one of the UK’s leading training providers, offering Internationally Approved and Certified Training and an extensive portfolio of bespoke courses for the Renewables, Offshore, Maritime and Onshore Sectors to meet individual and company specific training needs.

From working at heights to electrical safety, HOTA’s courses cover essential topics that are integral to the success of wind technicians. Moreover, HOTA’s hands-on approach and industry-certified instructors ensure that technicians receive the highest quality training possible.

Upskilling technicians

Our partnership alongside HOTA has played a vital role in developing new opportunities and recognising local talent within the wind sector. Following its ongoing success and growing demand, the GEV HOTA academy has engaged with over 200 technicians through dedicated open sessions, pre-project mobilization training, and upskilling.

The inception of the Academy has enabled GEV as a business to enhance existing skillsets with our LEP in-field resource, whilst also allowing us to train highly skilled technicians using client-specific application methods and techniques.

“The Academy has gone from strength to strength in the 3 years we have been in partnership with HOTA, seeing major success and positive feedback from both technicians and clients. This is part of our wider commitment to staying ‘Best in Class’ in what we achieve through positive culture and enhanced training.”

GEV Field Blade Technical Manager and Training Instructor – Andy Rendell

Supporting the wind industry

Through the development of technician skillsets, GEV Wind Power can offer unrivalled in-field service excellence, providing clients with the confidence that their scope of work will be delivered to the highest of standards.

We are proud to be working alongside local partners and celebrate the value it brings to the industry, creating more accessible pathways into wind and empowering individuals to pursue meaningful careers within renewable energy.

Enhanced training services and upskilling opportunities are undoubtedly shaping the future of the wind industry and will be key to the successful future growth of wind.