You’ve found an exciting career, acquired your relevant qualifications and you’re ready to step into your new career within the wind industry as a wind turbine technician. So what’s next?

In one of our recent articles, we highlighted one of the biggest challenges voiced by technicians joining the industry – gaining relevant in-field turbine experience and confidence within the role.

GEV Wind Power’s UK division recently launched a new internal training initiative utilizing the Port Training Service’s Wind Turbine Training Facility based at the Port of Blyth, UK, offering new-to-industry technicians enhanced opportunities to practice their skills on a full-sized decommissioned wind turbine.


We’ve connected with two aspiring technicians who recently took part in the new training program, sharing their personal experiences and insights for others looking to join the industry.

Warren and Jean initially participated in GEV’s 2-day open session at the GEV HOTA Academy, showcasing their skills in a hands-on environment and refining techniques in Leading Edge Protection (LEP), led by GEV’s technical training instructors.

Initially working in the mobile communications sector completing installations, commissioning, and project management, Warren highlighted that he was ready for a career change, commenting;

“Green energy is the future”.

Jean also shared his introduction into the wind industry stating;

“I was introduced to the wind industry by a family member who works as a blade repair technician worldwide. Intrigued by the field, I researched and found it to be an exciting career prospect. Having previously worked in the transport industry for 13+ years, I was seeking a fresh challenge. After undergoing relevant courses and training, I stumbled upon GEV’s open session for newly qualified technicians, which seemed like the perfect opportunity to enter this dynamic industry.”

Following a successful induction, Warren and Jean were invited to participate in further LEP training sessions to refine their skills and prepare for the final training stage at the Port of Blyth, where they would apply their learned techniques in a real-world setting.

Training insights:

Sharing his experience, Jean commented;

“The training, held over two days at the decommissioned 30-meter turbine site, offered invaluable first-hand experience. This immersive training environment allowed us to apply our knowledge in a real-world setting, honing our techniques and preparing us for the challenges ahead.”

The turbine facility has proven to be the highlight of the newly developed training, with technicians gaining the opportunity to descend from the nacelle, combining both their rope access skills and blade repair techniques from 30 meters off the ground.

Advice for joining the wind industry:

Reflecting on the training, both Jean and Warren highlighted a positive outlook for technicians wanting to join the industry, sharing that it is never too late to learn new skills.

“For those considering a shift into the wind industry, my advice is simple: if you crave excitement, adrenaline, and the gratification of contributing to a greener world, don’t hesitate and dive in. It’s a rewarding journey filled with opportunities for personal and professional growth. Embrace the challenge and seize the chance to be part of something truly impactful.”  Jean.

Preparing technicians for future projects:

Simon Yeo, GEV Field Blade Technical Manager and training instructor shared his feedback on the latest training developments, highlighting:

“Our goal is to give our technicians the best possible start when beginning their journey in the wind industry. Training opportunities such as these are invaluable when it comes to building confidence and ensuring that technicians are fully prepared for any potential challenges when taking on a new project.”

For more information about the new wind turbine training facility, take a look at our recent blog post:

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