From preparation to completion, there are lots of things to keep in mind when embarking on your first project as a wind turbine technician. For many, it is a fantastic opportunity to grow and learn, but it also comes with unexpected challenges. We’ve compiled a list of what to expect on a project and help prospective technicians navigate future campaigns with confidence.

Safety First

Safety is paramount in any industrial setting, and wind energy is no exception, especially with GEV. Expect your first project to begin with rigorous safety training and orientation. You’ll become familiar with safety protocols, personal protective equipment (PPE), and emergency procedures. You’ll learn to identify potential hazards, work at heights safely, and follow strict guidelines to ensure the well-being of both you and your team. Take a look and find out how we prioritize safety at GEV.

Site Assessment and Preparation

Before any technical work begins, thorough site assessment and preparation are necessary. You’ll likely participate in tasks such as reviewing the scope of work you will be completing, analyzing weather conditions, and collaborating with the wider team in safety discussions and toolbox talks. This phase sets the foundation for a successful project, ensuring that all aspects are considered before climbing the turbine.

Climbing and Inspection

Time for the most exciting part of being a wind turbine technician – climbing the tower structures. Proper climbing techniques, harness usage, and adherence to safety measures are essential for those working at heights. You may engage in a comprehensive inspection of the turbine’s components, or complete specific blade repairs and maintenance tasks. A variety of methods are used when working with turbines, which can include rope access, platforms, cranes, and even ground-based work depending on the specific work scope and requirements.

Routine Maintenance

Wind turbines require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance. Your first project could include tasks like cleaning, checking for signs of wear, and adjusting various components. You’ll work closely with your team to execute maintenance plans meticulously, contributing to the turbine’s longevity and efficiency. Wind turbine maintenance projects can vary in scale depending on the size of the wind farms and the services required. Campaigns can run from a few weeks to a few months.

Unexpected Challenges

No matter which company you decide to work for, wind turbine projects can often come with unexpected challenges. From technical complications to weather-related obstacles, you’ll need to be prepared to think on your feet and collaborate with your team to find solutions. Problem-solving is an integral part of being a wind turbine technician, and each challenge you overcome will contribute to your growth and expertise.

Data Collection and Reporting

As technology advances, wind turbines are becoming more sophisticated. Expect to work with data collection tools and software to help with reporting. You’ll record data and provide insightful reports to aid decision-making and improve turbine efficiency.

GEV Wind Power has transformed turbine blade inspection, reporting, and management information with the bespoke cloud-based app, Collabaro. This has significantly improved the efficiency of maintenance reporting and facilitates timely project management.

Teamwork and Collaboration

Wind turbine projects are rarely solo endeavors. You will collaborate closely with other technicians, engineers, and project managers. Effective communication, adaptability, and a willingness to learn from your colleagues will enhance the overall project experience.


Your first wind turbine project marks the beginning of a rewarding career in a dynamic industry. With safety as your foundation and a team of skilled experts by your side, you’ll climb to new heights, embrace challenges, and contribute to sustainable energy solutions. As you gain experience and expertise, each project will bring new insights, fostering growth and a deep sense of accomplishment. So, gear up, embrace the wind, and get ready to make a lasting impact on the world of renewable energy.

GEV Wind Power has several exciting opportunities for projects across North America, Europe, and the UK.  Visit our application page to apply your interest or take a look at our technician area to learn more about what to expect as a technician at GEV Wind Power.

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