International Women’s Day is a global celebration of the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. For us, it is also an opportunity to celebrate the women in our own workforce, who continue to bring new perspectives and excel in the wind industry. 

This year, the theme for International Women’s Day 2024 is ‘Inspire Inclusion,’ and as such, we’ve connected with valued members of our own team to explore their different career paths into the industry and offer advice for women interested in developing within the wind sector.  

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Introducing Lyndsie, Kandis, and Freya, three of our team members at GEV Wind Power and a driving force behind the success of our many projects across the globe. Each with their own backgrounds, skills, and experiences, we’re exploring their stories and how they progressed into the industry. 


Introducing Lyndsie, our US Supply Chain Manager who oversees warehouse operations, fleet, logistics, purchasing & strategic procurement for the GEV North American division. Born in Texas, she initially started her career as a receptionist for a power distribution maintenance & repair company, which developed into a production coordination role, naturally transitioning into a full-time supply chain management career within the wind industry where she continues to thrive.  

Lyndsie highlighted that confidence has been one of the biggest challenges to overcome throughout the development of her career. However, she has learned to take advantage of her strengths when confronting potential obstacles, commenting ‘Think critically and creatively. Find ways to stand out, solve problems and prove your worth. Be a leader and a learner, and always keep an open mind’.  

When asked about her own experience working within GEV, she said ‘I enjoy working in a collaborative business, where I feel empowered to think creatively and provide input to help scale a rapidly growing business for long-term success. Everyone whom I have interacted with at GEV & RIGCOM have all felt like family, and having this positive environment to spend so much of my time in makes a huge difference.’ 


Our next colleague is Freya, who began her journey in 2023 at GEV through a Business Administration apprenticeship within our UK division, with a goal to acquire industry knowledge while earning a recognized qualification. She has since developed within the role with various responsibilities such as onboarding new starters, supporting with certification management, and handling general administration tasks.  

Freya also continues to be one of our biggest advocates for mental health and well-being awareness across the group, recently completing training as a Mental Health First Aider. Freya highlighted that staying confident in your abilities and unique perspective will not only empower yourself but also contribute to breaking down barriers and inspiring other women.  

Given GEV’s growth and expansion in the wind market, the prospect of entering the renewable industry was appealing for Freya who commented, ‘The most rewarding aspect of working within the GEV & RIGCOM GROUP is the invaluable relationships I’ve cultivated with each member of the team. These connections go beyond mere professional collaborations; they represent a tight-knit community where mutual support, shared goals, and a collaborative spirit flourish.’ 


Finally, we introduce Kandis, who focuses on the people of GEV and the workforce itself. Through HR management, her role is a crucial part of keeping positive relationships and compliance between both the company and staff.  

Kandis returned to college in her late twenties which led her into the oil & gas industry prior to renewables. ‘When I learned of GEV, I became excited for the opportunity to learn about this industry and how my skill set can benefit its rapid growth’. 

When asked about the most exciting aspect of being part of a global team, Kandis highlighted ‘Working within a global team provides a high level of diversity, culture, and learning opportunities. I hear from many of our technicians how they appreciate working in teams of people from different countries who all have different backgrounds and experiences to promote shared knowledge and a friendly company culture.’ 


Whether it be a technician working out in the field, a member of support staff in the office, an engineer, or a business executive, women play a key role in the work we do within the industry.  

We hope that through sharing our own stories of success, career paths into the wind sector can continue to become more accessible for women worldwide. At GEV Wind Power, we believe in the importance of diversity and inclusion, and we recognize the need for more women in the industry as the wind market continues to grow.  

Thank you to all the women in the wind who continue to make a positive impact globally.

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