Looking to kickstart your career as a technician? It’s important to consider your options, job requirements and valuable skills that will help you secure your first wind turbine job.  

As the wind industry continues to grow, so does the demand for skilled wind turbine technicians. The wind sector is now one of the fastest-growing sectors of the economy worldwide and shows no signs of stopping.  

We’ve put together a short list of tips and advice for those wanting to explore a career in wind… 

Certification requirements 

Before you can perform work on any wind turbine, you’ll be expected to complete and obtain relevant certifications. Depending on the type of work scopes, some projects may also require additional certifications.  

Technicians must hold a valid GWO Basic Safety Training Certificate which comprises of four modules for onshore wind turbine work – Working at Height, First Aid, Fire Safety and Manual Handing – plus an additional fifth module for working offshore – Sea Survival. It’s important to know what training courses you’ll need to secure your desired work.  

It’s also important to remember that some certificates do expire and should be renewed as soon as possible before taking on any work involving the required certification. Not renewing these certificates may limit your work opportunities. 

Keep your CV up to date 

Making sure your CV is up to date is vital for securing your first job in any career and can help create a professional first impression. Make sure to include all related experience, training, and skills. Even if you do not have previous wind turbine experience directly, it can be useful to include other transferable skills which may be applicable to the role. You may have gained valuable technical skills in previous occupations that could make you a suitable candidate.  

At GEV Wind Power, we also look to actively employ and work alongside talented individuals who pick up the many transferrable skills during their career paths within the many different Armed Force Services. 

Driving license

Owning a driving license and having a good driving record is important for technicians in the wind industry. Wind turbines are typically located in remote locations, meaning that technicians need to travel to reach the turbines before they can carry out any repairs.   

Training opportunities 

It is important to take advantage of any available training opportunities which can further your skills and strengthen your CV.  

Some aspiring technicians choose to attend technical schools and colleges to gain entry experience and industry knowledge. Apprenticeships can also be a great introduction into the industry for those wanting to gain a variety of experience in different areas.  

Some organisations have developed purpose-built indoor/outdoor training facilities to deliver a realistic training environment. This can help build confidence and provide opportunities for technicians to put their skills into practice.  

At GEV Wind Power, we offer blade repair training at our UK based training academy located within the HOTA training centre. For our North American technicians, we have aligned with a national training provider, allowing us to provide training from our US Headquarters using a climbing simulator. 

As our North American division continues to grow, GEV Wind Power will be developing further in-house training opportunities in the future.  

Gain applicable skills 

Gaining relevant applicable skills outside of work can be another great way to build confidence. Working on wind turbines often requires good physical strength and a head for heights! Activities such as rock climbing can be a great way to experience heights you encounter as part of your daily activitieswhilst also improving physical strength.  

Social media

Most industry leaders will have an online presence, sharing updates, news and job opportunities via social media platforms. Make sure to follow these platforms as they can be a great way to stay up to date with the latest job opportunities. 

At GEV Wind Power, we frequently announce upcoming job opportunities via our LinkedIn and Facebook, so we highly recommend checking out our page if you haven’t already!  

Social media platforms such as LinkedIn are also great for networking, which will allow you to build connections with other technicians and industry professionals who are already in the wind energy sector.  

Don’t give up! 

There is no better time to be breaking into the wind industry, with wind power becoming more crucial than ever in the transition to clean energy. Securing your first wind turbine job and becoming a technician can be a truly rewarding career path for people looking for exciting and varied work. So don’t give up! 

Learn more about our various wind turbine technician careers with GEV Wind Power by visiting our dedicated careers page: https://gevgroupltd.recruitee.com/