With the Asia-Pacific region accounting for over half of emissions worldwide, Taiwan is demonstrating what a successful transition to renewable energy looks like and continues to make significant progress as one of their latest wind farm projects goes into operation.

Wind industry milestone for Taiwan

Located between 4 and 10 kilometers off the coast of Miaoli County, the 376 MW new offshore wind farm will generate enough electricity to power the equivalent of approximately 380,000 households.

The wind farm comprised of 47 turbines was officially connected to the grid in March 2023 following the installation which completed January 31st. Following the completion of the testing work, the offshore wind farm has been officially inaugurated and is generating electricity at full capacity.

At GEV Wind Power we are honored to have played a part in this accomplishment, supplying some of our skilled technicians to aid the project.

This marks a notable milestone as the wind farm is the first to be completed after the pandemic in Taiwan. Further announcements have been made regarding the development of additional offshore wind farms in the Changhua region as major industry companies continue to invest into renewable energy in the area.

Our role in the transition to net-zero

Over recent months, GEV has been playing an active role in the Taiwan energy transition. Our expert blade repair and maintenance technicians have supported some of Taiwan’s largest wind farms, accelerating the transition to net-zero.

Taiwan offshore wind farm
Credit to GEV technician Christopher for this image taken earlier this year on one of GEV’s Taiwan projects.

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