Following the collective efforts of everyone in the wind sector, global installed wind energy capacity just reached 1 terawatt (TW) in June 2023, with expectations to reach 2 TW in less than 7 years.

The Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) recently announced the incredible achievement, in which the wind sector passed the landmark figure of 1 TW of global installed wind capacity.

The progression of the wind sector

According to GWEC, it has taken over 40 years to reach the 1 TW milestone, with wind technology developing rapidly after the late 1970s innovative designs from Danish engineers who established the foundation and standard for the modern wind turbines used today (the ‘Danish Concept’).

The completion of recent wind turbine projects has helped push the capacity over the 1 TW threshold, including large-scale projects across the US, China, Europe and Morocco.

As the global wind industry continues to see major growth and accelerated innovation, forecasts suggest that the 2 TW milestone will be achieved in less than seven years.

‘While this is an immense achievement, it still represents only a small portion of what we must build in the coming years in order to decarbonize our planet.

To avert a climate catastrophe with devastating impacts on communities and ecosystems everywhere, we must rapidly transform our economies, scaling up wind capacity to reach at least 8 terawatts by mid-century [to reach net zero]. There is no time and no need to delay.’

Jonathan Cole, GWEC chairman

The achievement highlights the fundamental role wind energy is now playing in the energy transition to help the world reach its climate and energy goals. In order to reach the 2 TW goal by 2030, significant collaboration and cooperation will be required, opening up the potential for more job opportunities in the sector.

Playing our part in the wind industry

In order for the industry to meet the 2 TW energy capacity expectations, turbine operators will need to remain vigilant with regular servicing and maintenance in order to keep wind turbines running in optimum condition. At GEV Wind Power, we are excited to be playing a part in this incredible global transition, contributing to the maintenance of wind turbines around the world. Our regular maintenance and repair services allow wind turbines to run at maximum efficiency and increase long term energy output.

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