As the global wind market has grown, so has our team here at GEV Wind Power as one of the leading wind turbine companies for blade maintenance. Over the past few years, we have grown substantially both in terms of our representation across 30 different countries globally and the number of technicians we deploy annually.

We recently had the privilege of interviewing some of our wind turbine technicians who work for GEV Wind Power on global scopes, giving us an insight into their unique experiences, understanding how they started within the wind industry (and why working for GEV Wind Power as a wind turbine technician is the best job in the world)!

Introducing Aaron, Wayne and Marty, three of our fellow technicians and a driving force to the success in in some of GEV Wind Power’s most successful projects.

Marty’s story

Our first technician is 35 year old Marty, who has been in the wind industry since 2017. “I previously worked on the UK rail network after leaving the Armed Forces having served for 12 years” he said.

Transferrable skills and experience from other sectors are key to the success of our blade technicians and this was certainly no different for Marty, who commented: “After having such a fast paced and truly exhilarating job, I felt Rope Access blade repair was the next step for me and have loved it ever since.”

Marty has been with GEV Wind Power for 15 months, primarily based in the US, highlighting his involvement and achievements with recent large scale repair work in Illinois. “I have been involved in some outstanding work scopes in some of the most breath-taking places” he said.

"Coming to GEV Wind Power has been the best move I've made since breaking into the industry. For the past 15 months I have built up some fantastic relationships with technicians and also people in other departments of the company and can now call them good friends of GEV Wind Power I feel like I am contributing  to the company's growing success."

Wayne’s story

Our next technician is 48 year old Wayne, who has been in the wind industry for 6 years and currently working as a Rope Access Level 3 wind turbine technician. Before embarking on his career in the wind industry, Wayne had previously owned his own business for 12 years.

Wayne – an avid rock climber – had been out with a friend who was time served within the industry, and during a routine climbing trip, discussed how to utilize the skills he enjoyed so much as a past time.

Since joining GEV Wind Power, Wayne fully committed to completing the courses required and is now delving into additional courses to further his experience as a team leader.

"The best part of the job is going to places you wouldn't normally go and seeing new places - I have seen the Northern lights a number of times."

Aaron’s story

Finally, we introduce 32 year old Aaron, who has been working as a wind turbine technician for the last 7 years. Aaron previously worked as a factory operative blade technician, commenting; “I wanted a career in the field sector where I knew my skills could be a great asset. Also the bonus of travelling the world and meeting new people on a day to day basis” he said.

"I feel like I am making a massive difference and it's a topic that's brought up in conversations a lot these days, my family and child look up to me and are proud of the work I do."

Aaron highlighted that one of the most enjoyable aspects of work as a wind turbine technician is; “working with a mix of different people from different backgrounds and countries.”, which has helped him to develop personally.

Despite their differing journeys into the wind industry, all three technicians were able to complete the required courses, dive headfirst into life as wind turbine technicians and build their careers here at GEV Wind Power.

For an aspiring technician, understanding the experiences of others who have gone before you will certainly allow you to make impactful decisions on your career paths.

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