This week we’re reflecting on 2022 at GEV Wind Power, looking back at some of our proudest achievements, exciting highlights and our goals moving forward into 2023. 

Within this year alone, GEV Wind Power has grown tremendously and continues to make huge advancements as a global leader in blade work in the wind industry… 

What have we achieved? 

GEV Wind Power has taken major strides this year, facing some of our biggest projects to date and securing further investments moving into 2023 as we continue to expand globally. We’ve conducted large scale repairs using our Ventura Habitat, carried out long term projects across multiple work scopes and had the opportunity to work on one of the only active offshore wind farms in the US! 

Earlier this year we secured our new North American Headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas, which we will be due to open in the coming months. This proves to be a huge step forward for GEV Wind Power in supporting our US division, allowing us to recruit not only the best in-field talent, but also enabling quick mobilizations to projects across North America.  

GEV Wind Power U.S Headquarters

US CEO – Paul Idziak highlighted; ‘Nobody in the industry is having more fun than us’, when asked what he learnt from this year, and expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming projects of 2023. 

Team growth

Our team at GEV Wind Power has expanded significantly this year, with more in-field blade technicians and office-based staff than ever before. We know the importance of ensuring operations run as smoothly as possible, which is why we continue to invest in our technical support, with additional investments in back-office functions approved. We always aim to improve the experience and confidence of our employees, contracted technicians, and customers, and we greatly value the input we receive which allows us to do so. 

Health and safety

In other news, we have surpassed 1 million hours without a reportable LTI (Lost Time Injury) or reportable incident, showcasing our industry leading approach to safety. The health and safety of all people who are, or may be affected by our operations, is our highest priority. As we approach the new year, we continue to enforce our 1st4Saftey initiative for health and safety management, implemented across all group divisions and upheld by our team.  

The biggest highlight for me this year has been the culture change across our organisation in relation to safety reporting and individual accountability. The range and quality of the observations that have been raised is fantastic and everyone should be proud of the result. The result of this effort is clear to see in the statistics for 2022 with more hours worked and less reactive incidents reported. Taking this forward to 2023 and making our performance even better will be my number 1 priority.

Chris Sarel – Head of Operations UK/ EU

Moving into 2023 

Having already secured the majority of key industry projects for 2023, we’re excited to see what the new year brings and expect to see another successful busy season for GEV Wind Power. 

With that said, we would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We could not have delivered our global scopes without the support and collaboration of our fantastic team – onwards and upwards for GEV Wind Power!