We are delighted to announce that we have secured our new North American Headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas.

The 32,000 sq. ft. property will provide the ability for us to create best in class training facilities to help develop our technician pool and create a dedicated onboarding program for new to industry personnel. Additionally, all supply chain and logistics will be consolidated in the facility, together with flagship offices for the back office support team.


GEV Wind Power Group, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) David Fletcher said:

“This is a major statement of our confidence in the future of the US Wind industry and our US Division led by Paul Idziak. Strategically located in the heart of Texas, our new US HQ will allow us to recruit not only the best in-field talent but allow us to quickly mobilize to projects across North America.”

“We will also look to develop the next generation of wind maintenance and service technicians and play a leading role in supporting future and current employment in the local and wider regions.”

“GEV Wind Power will continue with its growth to fully establish itself as the global leader in wind turbine maintenance and servicing, through the introduction of offices in key locations to support our clients as necessary.”


GEV Wind Power LLC North America, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Paul Idziak said:

“Over the past 5 years, we have seen GEV grow steadily and establish itself as recognized market leading ISP in the US. This move enables us to consolidate our footprint and improve efficiencies within the business. At the same time, we will develop our vision of leading training and technician competence in the industry, setting a standard that our clients can rely on.”

“The planned expansion will help to underpin the growth in our business and see jobs created within the local Dallas Fort Worth metropolis, as we continue to invest over the coming years.”

“The wind industry in North America is an exciting place to be right now and our local Team are thrilled to be serving the US market and helping to create a sustainable future for everyone.”

Our new North American Head Quarters is due to open in Q1 2023.