Taking the first steps in your career can be daunting for many people, particularly when entering an industry as big and as fast paced as the wind industry. As more wind turbines are commissioned, more in-field technicians are needed to install, service and maintain the efficiency of those turbines and in turn, a bigger team is needed to support those technicians and make sure projects run smoothly…that’s where our Operations team add the value to project execution.

We sat down with our UK/EU Project Manager Dan to find out more about career progression within GEV Wind Power and his advice for others interested in pursuing a similar career path. Knowing where to begin and what opportunities are available can help to provide insight into an otherwise overwhelming (yet exciting) thought for those wanting to develop their career.

How did you begin your career at GEV Wind Power and what did the progression pathway look like?

I started at GEV Wind Power as a Travel Coordinator, after deciding to leave the hospitality industry to move into renewables. The role of Travel Coordinator at GEV is an interesting and varied role, planning the travel for technicians and staff across the UK, Europe and America. It involves a lot of planning/scheduling along with prioritisation of travel that is needed, reviewing accommodation, flights and vehicle requirements, as well as reviewing VISA/work permit legislation.

I quickly became involved in more areas within GEV which was a good way for me to begin my progression, broadening my knowledge of the business and industry in general. My own interest within renewables drove this, but I found it benefitting me and my work in many ways. The natural progression within GEV was to move into a Project Coordination role as the Project Coordinators are initially responsible for the planning/scheduling of technicians and works.

Project Coordination

Towards the end of 2020, I had fully moved into the Project Coordination role, where I had my own projects to manage and lead under the guidance and tutelage of a Senior Project Manager. Communication plays a large part, so getting used to both internal and external communication was a key skill to develop. The role allows me to be involved with every aspect of GEV’s project lifecycle – in some capacity – as you often need to engage with every department, removing blockers, limitations, and restrictions to plan solutions whilst feeding back to the Operations and Project Managers.

Project Management

This work formed a good foundation for what would be my next step into Project Management. For this however, I not only needed experience but also theory and education, which GEV enabled me to complete, investing in my further education and accreditation. Throughout my time as a Project Coordinator, I have completed courses in project management and health & safety to improve my knowledge. I was fortunate to have a defined anc clear development pathway to further my knowledge alongside the day-to-day work, which greatly benefitted my progress.

Now after over 2 years as a Project Coordinator, I am progressing into the role of Project Manager, again, as originally outlined in my development plan with the Operations Manager. My next steps will be to independently deliver projects alongside project Coordinators, other departments in GEV, technicians and clients.

How have you found working at GEV/ what do you enjoy most?

Working at GEV is like being in a big family, everyone is always willing to help and pull together to aid our project execution. Alongside project delivery, this makes the job much more fun, even at some of the most challenging of times.

A day at GEV can also be incredibly interesting and varied in terms of what is required to be repaired and the nature of the projects, meaning a day can be challenging but allows you to learn new information and skills. Through the projects we complete, wind turbines that may have been out of action, can be put back into production and can again begin to generate the much-needed green energy for the grid.

Overall – for me personally – working on a variety of jobs/projects at one time keeps me busy and creates an enjoyable and interesting day at work.

What advice would you give to those interested in starting with GEV Wind Power?

An apprenticeship can be a great place to start at GEV Wind Power. The roles that we have in the business allow people to learn multiple disciplines at the start of the role, then focus on where you would like to progress your career within GEV over time. With renewables rapidly growing in the UK and across the world, it’s a great time to get into the industry and begin a career!


For those looking to kick start their career in wind, GEV Wind Power is currently on the lookout for an enthusiastic Apprentice to join our growing team based at our UK Headquarters. If you are interested in finding out more about the role, visit Office Administrator Apprentice – GEV Wind Power (recruitee.com)

We also have a Project Coordinator position available. For more information, visit Project Coordinator – GEV Wind Power (recruitee.com)