Wind energy is a large contributor to the global energy mix and is in high demand as governments worldwide set out plans to reduce their carbon footprint and start planning for a sustainable zero-emissions future.


What are the benefits of working in the wind industry?

  • Joining the wind industry gives you the chance to contribute to the production of new, clean energy sources that are ultimately helping to improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions across the globe.
  • It is an innovative sector with plenty of opportunities and a wide range of available specialisms for people looking for a long-term and well-paid job in the renewables sector. Whilst 2020 saw difficulties for many sectors, engineering fields saw increased demand for their products and services to keep the country going throughout lockdown and social distancing – translating to greater job security for contractors and employees in sustainable industry.
  • Wind power can be harnessed from anywhere, meaning you get to travel the world and see all of the beautiful sights this planet we live in has to offer.
  • By reducing waste, environmental damage and overuse of raw materials, this helps our planet to maintain its glaciers, forests, mountains and beaches and provides time for the Earth to repair the damage already inflicted in previous decades.
  • With the industry in its infancy compared to other industries and legacy energy sectors, renewable energy presents the perfect vocation for those who desire learning and development. With technology changing rapidly, ever-increasing investment and new demands to respond to, creativity and innovation are valued and rewarded, and those with original ideas can see their visions brought to life in a way that supports and improves the lives of millions.


What our technicians say:

The main thing I enjoy about the wind industry is the variety – every day is different! One moment I could be sat at home working on reports and project documentation, the next I can be at our Training Academy teaching the next generation of in-field talent, or demonstrating/learning about new products. I also love meeting new people and making lifelong friends around the globe. I enjoy working outdoors in the comfort of knowing that the wind industry will always grow, and new products and challenges are always around the corner.

Simon Yeo- Field Blade Manager


I enjoy working in the wind industry because I get to travel, see the world and meet new people but it’s also the sense of achievement, working on something that is sustainable and helping the future of the planet. Been part of that shift from fossil fuels to renewables and working towards a greener future, it’s not every day you get to say that. It’s also challenging, different OEMs, different methods of repairs, means of getting to the work and the types of damages, nothing is ever the same and it’s a bit of a buzz when you’re 70m in the air!

Luke Kennedy- Senior Blade Specialist/Lead Technician


Start your career today within the wind industry and make a difference in the fight against climate change for a sustainable tomorrow. To find out more about the roles we have available here at GEV Wind Power, visit the link below: