GEV Wind Power are proud to be a part of the global energy transformation.

Over the past few years, we have seen a huge shift in power generation with countries across the world investing into renewable energy and shifting away from their reliance on fossil fuels.

As of December 2020, renewable sources generated 40.2% of the electricity produced in the UK and by 2030 the government are hoping to source all electricity from renewable energy.


Our CEO’s are both passionate about our impact on our global approach to sustainability, and the services we are providing to ensure the energy mix continues to sway in favour of renewable sources.


“GEV Wind Power is a business that is 100% focused on supporting green energy. As the wind industry’s largest Independent Service Provider (ISP) focused on the maintenance of rotor blades, our role is critical in keeping energy production optimised and wind turbines spinning.”

“Wind energy is a source of renewable energy. It does not contaminate, it is inexhaustible and reduces the use of fossil fuels, which are the origin of greenhouse gasses that cause global warming.”

“Wind power is also cost-effective. Land-based utility-scale wind is one of the lowest-priced energy sources available today. The source of the “fuel” is free and therefore wind energy mitigates the price uncertainty that fuel costs add to traditional sources of energy. This is especially relevant in today’s environment where we’re seeing energy supplies being increasing used as a geopolitical weapon, creating soaring price increases in the cost of living.”

“The time to accelerate the move to carbon free energy is now more pressing than ever and it is great to be able to lend our support to Global Wind Day and to raise awareness of why wind energy is key to creating a better environment for future generations.”

David Fletcher- Group Chief Executive Officer


“It is my personal mission to help provide cost effective, sustainable, and reliable power that is clean and renewable. GEV shares the same mission by providing specialized maintenance on blades, turbine maintenance, and commissioning.”

“Wind energy is a significant part of the current and future global energy mix by providing benefits such as: reducing global warming, decrease fossil fuels, and utilize a natural resource.”

“As the globe shifts to more renewable energy sources, myself and GEV are excited to be a part of the transformation.”

Paul Idziak- US Chief Executive Officer


Here at GEV Wind Power we continue to stride forwards in the fight against climate change.

Join us in creating a sustainable future by joining our team today and visit our careers page to find out the range of occupations we currently have available today.