We are GEV Wind Power, one of the leading wind turbine maintenance companies, which makes our role critical in supporting power generation from wind energy.

With a permanent presence in USA and Europe, GEV Wind Power has delivered unrivalled wind turbine maintenance throughout North America, Europe, and Asia underpinning our presence as a truly global wind turbine maintenance specialist.

Over the past few years, we have grown substantially both in terms of our representation across 30 different countries globally, the 200+ wind farms we work at each year and finally the number of technicians we deploy annually, which has grown to nearly 500.

We are proud to offer more opportunities of work than any other wind turbine ISP, helping our technician pool to work safely and with guaranteed levels of compensation.


Speaking to Kristiana our recruitment specialist at GEV Wind Power, we asked her a few questions on why she believes GEV should be your chosen place of employment.

“My name is Kristiana Klasena, and I am the Recruitment Specialist at GEV Wind Power. I am a 32-year-old Latvian living in England, which has been my permanent place of residence for over a decade now. In my past time I love running, swimming, hiking, and watching crime documentaries (my guilty pleasure).”

“I started my career in the wind industry as I saw the huge potential for growth in the sector, which encouraged me to start actively looking for roles within the industry. Through and combination of my skills – developed in professional recruitment – and existing contacts within the industry, I was able to make that switch from telecoms into the renewable sector.”

“I enjoy working for GEV as the role challenges me every day, and no two days are the same. GEV is all about team spirit. It also fulfils me morally, as I care for the environment and the world we all live in.”

“I believe anyone looking to move into the wind industry should jump straight in. GEV Wind Power is a growing business in a growing industry, which makes it a great career opportunity. The company also has great work ethics, they care about their employees, their mental well-being and safety. The core principles of the business are something we are all well aligned with, and they develop you personally, allowing personal growth on levels I have not experienced with other past employers.”


To find out more about GEV Wind Power and the opportunities we have available please visit our website and follow us on LinkedIn to keep up to date.