GEV Wind Power has established a strong presence in the US thanks to the ongoing success of our North American work scopes and the continued investment in to the business as a global service provider for wind turbine maintenance. With a new Headquarters, confirmed projects and a growing team, GEV Wind Power US is set to see huge growth in the coming months.

The diversification into the North American renewable sector began in 2017, following our first successful campaign in Canada which opened up significant opportunities for further projects across North America.

As the market began to pick up, so did the number of projects secured by GEV Wind Power. Last year our expert team of technicians conducted large scale repairs in some of the most challenging environments to date – supported by the use of our patented Ventura Habitat, carried out long term projects across multiple work scopes and worked on one of the only active offshore wind farms in the US.

New Headquarters

In 2022, our US division secured a new office facility located in Fort Worth, Texas, as it was clear that GEV Wind Power were needing additional room given the rapid expansion. With Texas being a focal point of activity for wind energy, the 32,000 sq. ft. office and warehousing space provides a central facility to expand, take on larger scale projects and employ significantly more wind turbine technicians.

The plan for the new HQ is for GEV to further establish ourselves in the North American renewable energy market and a flagship facility will help us do so. The new facility will help us centralize the back office, increase warehouse space, and properly store our assets. Our intention is to become a GWO certified facility, which will give us the ability to perform in-house safety and technical trainings. GEV will continue to invest into our technicians and employees by providing opportunities to grow their career.

-Paul Idziak (North American CEO)

Expanding the team

With the establishment of our largest headquarters yet, GEV Wind Power has welcomed several new back-office team members to support the expansion of the company, with further confirmed job opportunities in the Dallas/ Fort Worth metropolis and beyond. The opening of our US Headquarters has allowed for discussions to implement a state-of-the-art training facility to help develop our technician pool and create a dedicated onboarding program for new-to-industry personnel in the wind industry.

Most recently, GEV Wind Power has welcomed Brent Provance – VP of Operations, with almost 15 years of industry experience in renewable energy and a wealth of knowledge to support the day-to-day running of operations in the US division as we prepare for the busy season ahead.

I’m very much looking forward to our current growth trajectory.  We continue expanding our capabilities tailored to our customer needs which requires building a strong team around you.  Being a part of this process and development is truly exciting.

-Brent Provance (VP of Operations)

Job opportunities

Are you interested in kick-starting your career with GEV Wind Power in the renewable energy industry? GEV Wind Power US is actively looking for wind turbine technicians and back-office support during this period of significant growth. Take a look and apply for our current job vacancies at: