Over a month ago, GEV Wind Power (“GEV”), one of the world’s leading wind turbine blade repair and maintenance providers announced a merger with Danish based Wind Power LAB (“WPL”). WPL delivers automated products and services for the wind power industry, related to blade defect assessments and blade risk management. WPL’s goal is to deliver the best-in-class solutions for automated blade defect analysis, repair recommendation, and engineering advice.

As a combined force, the organisation has created an industry leading team of professionals available to help support clients with their long-term blade maintenance strategies. With over 80 years of combined experience in the wind industry and specific to blade knowledge, GEV & WPL’s newly combined technical team will provide a comprehensive range of cost-effective predictive blade maintenance services across the globe.

The merger has meant that GEV are currently the only independent service provider that is able to provide services to the whole rotor blade value chain. They are also able to introduce new technologies such as blade internal inspections to a wider client base.

David Fletcher, CEO of GEV, says:

Over the last few years, GEV has established itself as a global market leader in wind turbine blade repair and maintenance. We are excited to be merging with WPL, as we embark on our next growth phase and look to provide technology enabled solutions to help our clients be smarter about their long-term blade maintenance strategies.

Anders Røpke, CEO of WPL, says:

Access to high calibre blade expertise is key for any wind turbine owner, in order to decide on blade repair scope and maintenance strategies. At WPL, we make sure owners only repair what and when it is needed, saving time, money, and unnecessary downtime for our clients. We are excited to be merging with GEV in order to further assist our clients by offering a complete blade maintenance solution.

The brochure below introduces each one of the new combined technical team and showcases their experience, as well the staff that will be supporting the new team.

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