Scotland’s largest offshore wind farm is now officially operating at maximum capacity. Located off the Angus coast, it now has the capability to generate electricity sufficient to power two-thirds of Scotland’s households. This £3 billion venture, consisting of 114 turbines, has been in development for over a decade.  

The operating company for the new project indicated that the wind farm will annually displace over two million tonnes of CO2, contributing to the reduction of the UK’s reliance on fossil fuels for electricity generation. 

Located approximately 17 miles from the coast, it is now considered the deepest fixed wind farm in the world, sitting in 58 meters of water. Other similar offshore wind farms located in deeper waters are typically engineered using floating turbines.  

The project was initially planned to consist of 150 turbines in total, however, this was reduced as larger generators made it possible to generate the same amount of electricity through fewer structures. 

Whilst the first power generation commenced in August 2022, it took an additional year to complete the project entirely. The wind farm will support approximately 700 long-term jobs, with half of them located in Scotland. The service facility at Montrose Port will host around 60 full-time operation and maintenance positions as a result. 

One of the leading directors involved in the development of the wind farm highlighted that the decisions made at present will determine whether the Scottish and UK governments can meet their 2030 greenhouse gas emission reduction objectives. There has been an emphasis on faster progress, particularly in areas like grid infrastructure, permitting, and supply chain pricing.  

The UK’s offshore wind capacity is rapidly expanding, with progress on several recently developed wind farms which are now generating new clean energy. Scotland continues to see ongoing construction for further wind farm plans. 

Claire Mack, representing the industry body Scottish Renewables, highlighted the substantial project pipeline in Scotland, owing to the region’s abundant wind resources. She pointed out that Scotland boasts over 20 offshore wind projects, making it one of the world’s largest commercial leasing sites for such ventures. 

At GEV Wind Power, we are proud to be playing an active role in the development of the wind market within Scotland, actively conducting work scopes to support the growth taking place within the industry. We look forward to seeing how wind power continues to thrive within Scotland and around the globe.  


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