Covid-19 continues to breed a climate of uncertainty across services, industries and people worldwide. In light of this GEV are happy to provide a positive update on how they are successfully navigating this unparalleled global crisis. 

GEV had already begun developing an IT Strategy that would ensure their current infrastructure was scalable during a period of real growth as an organisation, this provided strong business continuity in an ever evolving market place. With the current pandemic causing problems for organisations globally, this has shown to be a real test for GEV’s IT systems and approach to technology. A test, however, which has so far been passed with flying colours!

As of late 2018, GEV migrated to the Cloud and began hosting business critical data within Office 365. This was further supported by the introduction and development of already used Cloud based platforms such as our Best In Class CRM; Salesforce, and more recently cloud hosted project management tools such as, and the use of Business Intelligence and Analysis Platforms through the introduction of Qlik.

Office 365 usage within the organisation has demonstrated our teams-focussed approach when using technology to support core business functions. Due to the current, difficult nature of extensively imposed travel restrictions, the company have increased their use of Microsoft Teams enabling collaboration to effectively take place, even whilst working remotely. This has been further demonstrated by the regular ‘Stay In Touch’ meetings held every day, and chaired by CEO; David Fletcher. David uses the platform to provide updates on the current COVID-19 situation, whilst sharing best practices for safe home working. These meetings have also given everyone the opportunity to use video web conferencing to share their positive stories and challenges whilst working remotely. GEV are engaged in keeping employee spirits high in this troubling climate, encouraging communication via the Teams Chat function and setting up activities such as remote access group quizzes. 

Whilst the infrastructure, strategy and new technology has provided strong foundations for continuing to deliver successful ‘back office functions’, our staff have been the real driving force, as they have embraced the use of technology to further improve GEV’s capacity to deliver and more importantly; internal community spirit. 

We look forward to seeing how this new integration will further develop communication channels both within the business and externally. Even when this global development has passed, GEV will continue to put into practice the universal lessons learned, nurturing the changes, improvements and camaraderie we have had to develop during these trying times.