GEV Wind Power’s approach to technician training is a key differentiator that sets us apart from the competition. We recently established a Training Academy whereby technicians’ complete instructor-led practical and theory-based learning.

Our instructors have over 13 years of in-field experience, having worked directly for some of the world’s largest blade manufacturers, and can cascade their experience to our highly skilled technician resource.

Chris, a GEV blade technician, was one of the first attendees of the GEV Training Academy and couldn’t speak highly enough of the high-level training programme he received. Having been in the Education sector for the past 10 years, Chris had lost all passion and wanted to try something new.

I had a friend who worked in the wind industry, and I had seen the incredible surroundings he was able to work in, as well as being able to travel across the globe with work. This excited me. He advised me on which qualifications I would need to try and get my ‘foot in the door’. After completing my GWO’s, IRATA and Blade Repair tickets, I sent my CV & certs to a handful of blade repair companies, including GEV Wind Power. I was so thankful that GEV replied with a job opportunity to get me started in the wind industry and I haven’t looked back since!


training academy
Chris at the GEV Training Academy


Despite having all the qualifications needed to be able to work on a blade, GEV Wind Power were able to give Chris the opportunity to learn how to apply Leading Edge Protection (LEP) products to the leading edge of the blade. Chris was in one of the first cohorts at the GEV Training Academy, but even from the get-go, he noticed the benefits of the Academy and the professionalism of the instructors.


GEV’s excellent blade training facility can give newbies, like me, an opportunity to try and perform blade repair using rope access before getting on the actual WTG blade itself. The instructors were very knowledgeable about both blade repair and rope access, as they have years of experience themselves. They couldn’t help you enough and were able to offer some great insight when it came to blade repair and applying LEP.


A worry for a lot of technicians is not being able to get work. However, a benefit of the Training Academy is that it can give technicians a ‘foot in the door’, as our expert instructors can see first-hand exactly how the technicians can apply their trade. Chris was able to take full advantage of his opportunity and due to how he performed at the Training Academy, he was offered the chance to work at one of the largest offshore wind farms in Europe!


It was quite daunting working on my first project in the wind industry with GEV. Before starting, I was worried about whether I had made the right choice to change careers and whether it would all work out. However, from the offset, GEV arranged travel, hotels, hire cars, flights, etc, and made sure that the process was as easy as possible for me- all I had to do was turn up on time! Once on the SOV, my GEV team lead and other contractors/teammates on the vessel helped me with anything I was unsure about.


I am over the moon that I made the decision to switch into the wind industry- I love it! Consistently being able to test myself by learning new forms of blade repairs/upgrades/LEP. I constantly get to meet new and interesting people, as well as being to travel all over the globe to some amazing places! The people in the wind industry are also some of the most welcoming I have met. Everyone shares hints/tips on how to improve and become a better technician. I cannot wait to see where this journey in the wind industry is going to take me!


Ever since starting in the wind industry, Chris hasn’t looked back. Chris has re-found his passion for work and is using this to ensure that work is completed correctly. We are also very happy to have Chris as part of the GEV Wind Power team. It is great to be able to share success stories and we expect many more to come out of the Training Academy. A facility that has successfully enrolled over 75 Technicians and has the capability to be expanded globally.

gev training academy graduate working on the wind turbine blade