The Humber Renewables Awards 2019 took place last night where we were thrilled to see Sophie take the award for Women into Manufacturing and Engineering. 

The Awards took place a stone’s throw from the GEV Head Office. The venue, Country Park Inn, aptly overlooks the Humber River and the iconic Humber Bridge reminding us of the region instrumental to the development of the Renewable Industry. 

The evening kicked off with key speakers from the industry highlighting the great achievements the renewable industry and the Humber Region has seen over the past 10 years. The Humber is becoming known globally as a centre for renewable success. With the Humber, Hull and Grimbsy extraordinarily being recognised names in overseas renewable industries as far as Asia and America. It really is an exciting time for the region.

(Image: Jerome Ellerby)

Women into Manufacturing and Engineering Award Goes to Sophie Marsden

Sophie won this award quite simply due to her infallible work ethic and aptitude. At the young age of 22 she has risen through the business at an incredible speed, from administration apprentice to project coordinator responsible for managing over 200 technicians. Her hard work is invaluable in supporting GEV in managing and maintaining 1000’s of turbine blades for key industry clients around the globe. Our maintenance services means renewable energy sources can continue at their optimum level, making GEV a central force behind the continued success of the wind industry.

Sophie has become a real back bone to our business and in turn to the industry at large, but she doesn’t intend to stop there as she continues to take on responsibility wherever possible.

Sophie has served as a true inspiration to other young people and a beacon for what you can achieve with determination and hard work. GEV are very proud to support blossoming young talent and will continue to support Sophie in her growth, along with the team as a whole!

Sophie has a very bright future ahead of her, thank you for your hard work and congratulations!