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GEV Wind Power Ventura Habitat

GEV Wind Power has developed and patented a revolutionary system for completing field blade repairs combining a blade access platform and an in-house habitat structure.

The new technology is set to revolutionize blade repairs, enabling a faster return to service of turbines and contributing hugely to a lower Levelised Cost Of Energy. The Ventura Habitat creates a controllable environment which the technicians can create the correct temperature and humidity. Crucial for undertaking epoxy repairs on wind turbine blades. With the use of lighting, the working day can be extended and with the added benefit of environmental control ultimately the working season can be extended.

Ventura Habitat in action in -2 degrees.

The inflatable building provides a robust shelter from the elements and with a series of sleeves and seals providing protection from the rain. Having achieved IPX5 certification, the seal can fit anywhere on the blade which allows for locating the Ventura Habitat wherever it is needed.

Available exclusively with the GEV Wind Power service provision, the Ventura Habitat will extend the working day and maintenance season to lower O&M costs whilst also increasing the productivity of individual wind turbines. A boost for both OEMs delivering a warranty regime and Owner Operators wishing to maximize their ROI.


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GEV Ventura Habitat - Product Data Sheet