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Intuitive Reporting and Inspection System, Collabaro - Turbine Blade Inspection

GEV Wind Power has transformed turbine blade inspection, reporting and management information with the launch of its bespoke cloud-based App.

Collabaro is mounted on a technician’s iPad and enables near real-time reporting to be collect and document a turbine blade inspection and maintenance activity. This significantly improving the efficiency of maintenance reporting and facilitates timely project management. Overall, Collabaro offers considerable cost benefits to suppliers and clients alike.

Collabaro has been developed to minimise errors and streamline the cumbersome process of manually collating reports and timesheets during turbine blade inspection. Whilst providing a simple front-end interface for technicians its web-based back-end has been developed to provide project management options and KPI monitoring. By analysing the project data we are able to identify where inefficiency in our operation lie and return significant saving to our clients.

We have developed our own test and training package that all new technicians exposed to Collabaro undertake.

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Collabaro Training

GEV Wind Power technicians can access the online Collabaro training package by entering their password below.

Collabaro Test

GEV Wind Power technicians can access the online Collabaro test by entering their password below.