2017 an exceptional year of growth!

2017 GEV Wind Power Growth

So far, 2017 has seen an exceptional year of growth for GEV Wind Power, with the successful deployment of more than 100 technicians regularly since April.  At a peak, we had 116 deployed technicians with one offshore campaign alone utilising more than 50. We have also extended our blade repair offering across the Atlantic to North America, where we deployed 2 technicians to our first USA project in June 2017, and now currently have over 50 technicians currently mobilised across multiple sites.

With the EU maintenance season now slowing down for the winter period, it’s great to see that we are still mobilising technicians across to projects in North America. For December’s forecast, we’ll have 40 technicians mobilised in North America and 15 in the UK. Comparing this to a total of 4 technicians at this point last year, shows the increased growth of the wind sector in the USA and the demand for blade maintenance expertise.

With the increased growth of the Wind Sector and GEV Wind Power becoming synonymous with turnkey blade maintenance services, 2017 has seen GEV's workforce increase to more than 160 technicians.

GEV Wind Power are always looking for experienced blade technicians, if you would like to be considered, please send CV’s to recruitment@gevwindpower.com

Over the past year, GEV Wind Power have recognised the need to develop an experienced technician base in America. We have since set up an office in Austin Texas, being the home to over 40 wind farms and a total installed capacity of 21,450 MW. This power generation base produces more wind energy than any other US state.

Supporting our growing client base GEV were delighted to attract new project management expertise to its team. Kat McCartney, is a highly skilled project manager, having worked previously for a leading turbine O&M as a site coordinator and with over 10 years in the demanding O&G sector in North America.  She has been instrumental in co-ordinating all project planning interfaces and supporting the successful implementation of projects this year.  Her ability to organise many resources across multiple projects saw her top of the list for operations manager in support of Daniel Boon, our USA general manager.